Terama Ski Lodge is a private members lodge with a policy of accepting guests. We offer a warm and friendly atmosphere and families are most welcome.

Terama Ski Lodge is one of Mt. Buller’s hidden treasures. A well appointed, spacious and friendly, club style lodge with views of nearby Mt. Stirling and the surrounding valley. The clearing at the back of the lodge is perfect for kids to play on toboggans or build a snowman all under the watchful eye of parents from the comfort of the lounge room above. Many guests return from a day’s skiing and only want to relax with the use of free Wi-Fi to update their social media status and comment on their day’s adventures. Others enjoy a quiet drink while playing pool and talking.

Terama is a short walk from the village and is located along the free bus shuttle route. Terama is an easy 3 hour drive from Melbourne via Mansfield.